• 30 Jul
    July Newsletter

    July Newsletter

    In screening potential clients, one important characteristic that I require from owners is being humble and teachable. In order to improve and change for the better, all of us need to be interested in and open-minded about education and lifelong learning.
    Beyond the time I spend with personal religious studies, I am continually reading or listening to business-related books for new concepts, so I do not get caught up in complacency. I make a point to attend occasional webinars to obtain the perspectives of others. Additionally, with my thirst for knowledge along with the various licenses and certifications I maintain to assist clients, I am required to complete continuing professional education hours annually. To give perspective to the level of this type of education, I have already completed approximately 60 hours of live training this year and have registered for a few more multi-day conferences, which may double the number of live training hours in 2019.
    Money, things and stuff are all temporary, while education and knowledge are forever. Are you wrapped up in your daily routine? Are you seeking new understanding and learning on a consistent basis? Would you qualify to be considered a potential client of ECA? The best way to improve the value and growth of your company is to make a commitment to improving yourself.
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